Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Things First

Well, I'm going to do it.

I don't like talking religion or politics. It seems with either one, someone is always offended or put off.

However, as a Christian first, American second, and being transgender third, I prefer to hold my convictions based on those filters.

One, does my position represent the principles of my Christian faith? That God is first and I worship only Him, and I practice love and tolerance for my brothers and sisters as a means of being of maximum service to God and my fellows?

Two, does my position uphold the principles of the Constitution and our rights as defined in it, my duties as a citizen to defend those principles and to stand firm against those who wish to ignore and/or tread on those principles and rights?

And three, does my position further understanding and acceptance for my fellow transgender brothers and sisters?

First and for most, am I doing God's will? To seek that I ask for guidence and pray for it. I then have to meditate for insight. The thoughts that come to me must then be filtered though four qualifiers. Am I being self-centered, dishonest, resentful or fearful?

I'm human and I'm prone to fail. I do not profess to know alot, let alone the answers to many of my questions. Yet I'm okay with that.

I find the political climate extremely disturbing. Hate is not a commodity in sole possession of the Right. Nor is the Left the sole bearers of true tolerance.

I have little faith in either canidate as being "The Messiah" or "A Faithful Servant".

Yet based on positions and plans for our country, I find pulling the lever for Obama-Biden too difficult. It will be hard enough pulling that lever for McCain-Palin with one hand pinching my nose.

Barack Obama's desires to "distribute the wealth" are in stark contrast to our American principles. Our government is OF the people, FOR the people, and BY the people. He's too leftist for this Libertarian. Personal liberty has never been more in jeopardy than it is today.

I will defend my fellow citizen's right to express their political viewpoint regardless of whether that position is in accord with my own. I suspect many of you would do the same. For anything less is truly unpatriotic and quite un-American.

May God Bless All of Us

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One Year Later

It's ironic. One year ago, while at SCC I heard Joe Solmonese speak to the largest transgender conference in America. However I didn't remember him being so " uhm" well, "uhm" un-well-spoken..... I know I usually stammer when I'm trying to deceive someone....

Uhm, but, in his uhm defense, he, uhm did , uhm say he was , uhm optimist uhm about our uhm chances....